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Dialog Balloon Stamp!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great Product
"I wanted one of these for years and finally got around to buying one and I was not disappointed. It’s a small, hard plastic, clear stamp, so you can see that you are using it correctly when stamping. Although probably better with ink, I’m currently using light acrylic paint to get the job done. It is easier than writing out the whole site on the bill, I would still recommend that as well."

-- Marc, Happy WGRS customer 😎


Our top of the line acrylic mounted stamps are perfect for currency tracking at The see thru construction makes it easy to position and align stamps for precision stamping every time! And they can be used with various types of inks and the vast array of colors so you can easily engage your creativity and experiment with stamping and develop your personal signature look!

Acrylic stamps require separate ink (not included). If purchasing this stamp, please consider our Palette Hybrid ink pads, which are available in 14 colors. Palette Hybrid ink represents the latest innovation in stamping ink technology and is the first all purpose craft ink.   

This acrylic stamp features a fun Dialog Balloon (Speech Bubble) to makes your money talk!  The message reads: TRACK ME AT WWW.WHERESGEORGE.COM and lets bill handlers know to track your bill! 
The design works well alone, and can easily be used in conjunction with other stamps to create a personalized signature look as unique as you are!



Durable acrylic stamp body

Inventive see thru construction for easy precision alignment

Enables easy experimentation with different inks and colors!

Lowest initial cost 







Crisp, clear impressions


Unlimited, uses separate ink, not included






pagefly template
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See Thru Construction Makes Stamping Easy

""Love it 🐤.  Looks great with red or green ink!  The “clear” window for serial # is easy for me to use." -- Sarah, Happy WGRS customer 😎

"works great.  love the fact you can see exactly where you're stamping, no working parts to break. 👍"  -- William, Happy WGRS customer 😎

Acrylic Stamps Are Fun -- And It's Easy To Experiment With Ink Types and Colors!

Really having fun with my order. "I ordered my WheresGeorge stamp. Couldn't wait to get it. I was not disappointed. I really enjoy marking my bills. I can't wait until someone finds one and reports it."
-- Roger, Happy WGRS customer 😎

Good clean fun! "I'm having lots of good clean fun stamping and registering an assortment of bills."

-- Sarah, Happy WGRS customer 😎

Love it 🐤 "Looks great with red or green ink! The “clear” window for serial # is easy for me to use. Waiting for my first hit."
-- Sarah, Happy WGRS customer 😎

love them! "my stamps are great I can’t wait to see where my first loved bill comes from!!"
-- Bryce, Happy WGRS customer

Fun For The Kids. "The whole "Where's George" experience is good clean fun for the kids. I love it too." -- Roger, Happy WGRS customer 😎

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Victoria Fisher
Disappointed with Lack of Customer Service

I have attempted to contact the company multiple times by phone, leaving voicemail msgs, email, and website correspondence in order to modify an order, but I did not receive any response at all. What I had hoped to be a new adventure to share with others whom I had planned to gift Where’s George stamps to is now no longer something I care to share with others. The lack of customer relations is appalling. The customer service described on the website is a lie. The phone number and email provided are bogus. Nobody can be reached in person, and no one responds.

Benjamin Witz
Love the Stamp, but Customer Service Issue

The new stamp I got for my Where's George bills is great. Love the bubble talk design and it's very easy to use (once I figured out how to ink it just right :) One problem I did have though was trying to reach customer service. The shipping on this ended up taking over two weeks. While I understand the current shipping situation given the uncharted times we're going through with the coronavirus hype and hysteria, I emailed three times asking for an idea of when I can expect my shipments. 0 responses. I almost gave this review 3 stars because of it but it would be a bit unfair considering the stamp is great.

Misty fig
Five Stars

Exactly what I needed and makes things SO much easier.

Mike N
Five Stars

great item

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1 Line

1 Line "Track this bill at" Design // Self Inking Stamp Construction, 8 Color Options



"Amazing!  What has my life been without this?  Thank you Wheres Waldo... I mean uh.. George"
  -- Jason, Happy WGRS customer from Lincoln Park, Michigan 😎 


This 1 line stamp says it all:

Track this bill at

It's one fun stamp and can be used alone or in conjunction with other stamps to create a personalized signature look as unique as you are!

❤️  eye-catching design, ❤️  fun colors
❤️  easy to use, ❤️  made daily, ❤️  ships fast

Many people are getting this stamp and joining the currency tracking fun or taking their fun, free hobby to the next level! 

Are you?

✅  Trusted Seller


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Interested in taking your
hobby to new heights?

Then you may want to try an Xstamper stamp.  

Xstampers deliver the highest quality stamping experience there is
and produce near photographic quality impressions!

See what people are saying!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Looks very nice!
"I've had a self-inking stamp for a while, and thought that I'd upgrade to XStampers.  They took some getting used to, but they look fantastic now!  I love the designs provided by WGRS!"

-- Isaiah, Happy WGRS customer from Kansas 😎

How do you stow your gear?

The 20th Anniversary George-Con Bank Bag is designed to meet your daily WG? organizational needs. The expanded horizontal bag securely holds bills and Where's George? stamps, ink pads and more.

Much more than just an organizational tool, this bank bag proudly displays the 20th Anniversary George-Con logo. With your purchase, you'll become part of the special community of georgers celebrating WG? and the milestone achievement of 20 years of georging reached this year!

  -  Made of heavy-gauge vinyl with finished seams and a stitched nylon zipper.

  -  Soft, water-resistant green vinyl with white 20th Anniversary George-Con logo.

  -  Size: 5-1/2" x 10-1/2".

WG George-Con 20 Bank Bag
WG George-Con 20 Bank Bag
WG George-Con 20 Bank Bag
WG George-Con 20 Bank Bag

WG George-Con 20 Bank Bag