Fun Dollar Bill Facts: Currency Tracking Website Ranks 11 on the CBS News List

We recently learned the CBS News published an article title "20 things you didn't know about dollar bills."  Interestingly, ranks number 11 on the list where the article states: 

"Want to know where your dollar bill has been? It could be possible, thanks to a site called Where’s George. You enter the serial number of your bill and the site tracks it."  CBS News  --  Click here to read the CBS News article
If you are interested in currency tracking with, our popular eye catching dialog balloon (speech bubble) stamp is a great option.  We offer this design on an Acrylic stamp with see through construction, (2) a Self Inking stamp, available below, which yields 1,000s of impressions and is available in 8 colors of ink, and (3) an Xstamper stamp which has a laser engraved image for a perfect impression, comes pre-inked with specially formulated oil based ink lasting up to 50,000 impressions and comes in your choice of 11 vibrant colors of ink.   Click here to see the Full Collection

Happy Georging!

One Of Our Fun Designs


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