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The Heart of the W-G-R-S Team

WGRS is a small business and Kerri is at the heart of it.  She plays a vital role in coordinating our creative, administrative, production, and shipping teams.  Kerri is also at the center of our customer experience initiatives where she helps create a high quality customer shopping experience, meaningful  communications, and the personal service you've come to expect from us. 

Our Story

WheresGeorge.com Is the Original Currency Tracking Project.  It's a fun, easy and free website that tracks the natural geographic circulation of American paper money and created a niche hobby.

Users enter the serial number from a bill into the website to see where it has been or start the record tracking its journey.

When the next person enters the bill in the website, the bill's journey is updated and everyone who entered the bill is alerted.

However, all users face a challenge in getting others to notice that their bills were entered at WheresGeorge.com.  To help alert subsequent bill handlers that the bills were entered, many users mark them  by hand with the website address and a short message. 

To help Georgers easily let others know that bills were entered at WheresGeorge.com, we created a line of stamps that are eye-catching, spark interest, and create engaging encounters.  We also offer unique WG gear and accessories. 

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Our Mission

Here at W-G-R-S, we are passionate about helping new and long-time WG enthusiasts, enjoy their fun, free WheresGeorge.com currency tracking experience more with specialty stamps & unique accessories.  We offer a broad array of eye-catching designs that get attention.  And our stamps are carefully crafted with inventive construction  to produce a superior stamping experience.  In addition, it is our pleasure to assist Georgers as they mix and match WG stamps, and sometimes add personalization, monogram and even one-of-a-kind custom stamps, and develop a personal signature look that's uniquely theirs!   We also offer unique WG items such as 20th Anniversary gear, Passports, Wristbands, Bank Bags and more! 

Our Stamps Get Attention, Spark Interest & Create Engaging Encounters

Eye-Catching Stamps Get Attention

Start with one our effective eye-catching stamp designs. These designs draw attention to the message on your bills and let others know that you entered the bill at wheresgeorge.com.

Our stamps can be used individually or combined with other stamps, or even more personalized stamps such as a small monogram stamp, or a custom stamp designed by you, to create a unique personalized signature look!

Stamped Bills Have A Big Reach

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, one dollar bills stay in circulation, on average, for 5.8 years. Each one will be seen by hundreds of people as it passes from one person to another. Its natural circulation means that with stamping just a few bills a day over the course of a year, your eye catching message will reach hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of others. That's a lot of a bang for your buck! 

W-G-R-S Delivers 

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Artist Created, Eye-Catching Stamp Designs Get Attention, Spark Interest and Create Engaging Encounters 

Our more than 70 stamps with eye-catching designs were created by professional graphic artists with input from avid WG enthusiasts -- they are sure to take your stamping to the next level!

Expertly Crafted Stamps With Inventive Construction Deliver A Superior Stamping Experience

We offer WG Stamps with self inking and xstamper construction as well as with innovative, durable, see-thru acrylic mount construction which permits easy alignment and precision stamping, and George-on-the-go stamps which represent a break through in portability, simply attach it to your key chain and you'll never miss a stamping opportunity!  Which ever construction you choose, you are sure enjoy a superior stamping experience.

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4.9/5 Star Customer Experience

We aim to provide our customers with a 5 Star Customer Experience.  We hope that they are pleased with our service and thrilled with the quality of their purchases.  Accordingly, it is our great pleasure to report that our customers have rated us 4.9/5 Stars.  We wish to thank the community for the positive reviews.  We continue to make improvements as we strive to reach our goal and deliver a 5 Star Customer Experience. -- Ever Upward!


Thank You For Reviewing Our About Us Page

We appreciate your interest and your time spent learning more about us.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.  It will be our pleasure to assist you. 

New To WheresGeorge.com and Currency Tracking?

If you are new to currency tracking, please check out our Discover page which has great information and also features a short video with the creator of WheresGeorge.com.  

Or if you want to get a stamp and join the fun, please consider our WheresGeorge.com special, visit our shopable Gallery,  or see our most popular stamp.

-- Happy Georging!  

Already A Georger?

Take your fun, free WheresGeorge.com hobby to the next level with our eye-catching stamp designs that get attention and unique WG gear and accessories.  In addition to WG stamps, we offer personalization stamps,  monogram stamps, emoji-style stamps and truly custom stamps. 

And please don't hesitate to ask how we can help you as you develop a signature look that's uniquely yours! 

Feel free to take a look around.  View all WG stamps, compare innovative construction options, check out our Reviews Page and see what Georgers are saying our our stamps and service, or see unique WG gear such as the Official WG Passport and Bank Bags.  

Tubman Over Jackson On $20 -- Civil Disobedience Stamp

Tubman Over Jackson On $20 -- Civil Disobedience Stamp

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ENHANCED SEARCH FEATURE: It's Easier Than Ever To Select A WG Stamp!

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FUN DOLLAR BILL FACTS: Currency Tracking Website WheresGeorge.com Ranks 11 on the CBS News List

Jun 06, 2019K Ussher

CBS NEWS:  Want to know where your dollar bill has been? It could be possible, thanks to a site called Where’s George ...

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