Did you know that the $2 dollar note is only printed every two to four years?


In exploring the mysteries behind the less frequently seen $2 note, we were fascinated to learn that, from the point of view of the Federal Reserve Board, it is actually the general public perception that the $2 note is rare that causes people that come across these notes to treat them as such.

In short, the Fed believes that it is the commonly held misperception regarding the rarity of $2 bills, that influences behavior and leads people that come across $2 bills to hold onto them.  With less circulation and handling, the $2 notes tend to take longer to show signs of wear and tear, which means they have a longer lifespan than some other denominations and consequently there is less demand for new $2 notes.  (See the “Noteworthy” podcast, which is part of the U.S. Currency Education Program managed by the Federal Reserve Board.) 

Be that as it may, we know that some folks are just plain crazy about $2 notes and spend them way more frequently than the average person.  In fact, in a short video clip, the founder of Where’s George? (WheresGeorge.com), the original currency tracking project, talks about $2 notes and the types of website users that pay special attention to them.  He classifies them into three groups: (a) true fanatics, (b) those that find the denomination particularly convenient, and (c) those that use the $2 notes as conversation starters.  You can watch a short YouTube clip to learn more about these unique WheresGeorge.com enthusiasts and how they use $2 bills.


Learn more about currency tracking.  Or, if you are interested tracking $2 notes check out our "$2 BILLS ARE NOT RARE - SPEND ME ANYWHERE!" stamp.  

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Happy Georging!


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