WheresGeorge.com Bill Catches Attention Of Newcomer -- Several Stamps Used To Create A Personalized Signature Look!

We were contacted last night by Anderson B. regarding a WG? bill that he received in change from Walmart.  As you can see, the bill was stamped by the Georger that first entered it with a number of stamps to create a unique personalized signature look.  

We were happy to help newcomer Anderson find out more about the bill online at WheresGeorge.com. 

If you are interested in tracking currency with WheresGeorge.com, consider one of our effective eye-catching stamp designs such as the fun design featured below.  All of the designs draw attention to the message on your bills and let others know that you entered the bill at wheresgeorge.com.  Our stamps can be used individually or combined with other WG? stamps, or even more personalized stamps such as such as a small monogram stamp or a custom designed stamp, to create your own personalized signature look as unique as you are!

Click here to see our acrylic, self inking and Xstamper WG? stamp designs.  Feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgable staff with any custom stamp requests you may have.   

Happy Georging!

One Of Our Fun Designs

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